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Hicks Manufacturing, LLC, of Minden, LA is a manufacturer of aluminum dump body, frameless, and frame type trailers. Our revolutionary and patented design replaces welding with Huck fasteners to address the age-old battle of aluminum cracking.  Our lightweight design redefines strength, will last longer, is easier to repair, and will maximize payloads.

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Patented design with Huck fasteners

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Our History

The Hicks family has been in the dump trailer industry for 70+ years. We understand how painful costly maintenance and repairs are. Glen Hicks recognized as early as the 1950s that bolted joints could perform in areas where welded joints fail. Aluminum alloys used in extrusions lose much of their yield strength when welded. Hicks is built using Huck fasteners. By not welding, we have no areas of low yield strength which is where competitors’ units fail. Hicks will provide you with lower weight, a beautiful finish, and greater durability.

The Hicks Family has served thousands of aggregate haulers over decades. We are dedicated to maximizing your trailers' uptime and payload.

Meet our team

Greg Hicks

Chairman of the Board
  • My goal is to produce a trailer for aggregate that doesn’t crack, is light weight, and easy to repair. Through innovative engineering, Hicks does that better than any other product.

Jeff Hicks

  • "With gratitude for the foundation laid by my predecessors and fellow leaders, the shared vision of success from our dedicated team, and support of our fellow owners, I am committed to driving innovation, fostering growth, and upholding the values that define us.”

DeWayne Williams

Vice President Engineering & Product Development
  • Engineering Hicks dump bodies and trailers to deliver optimum value, with minimum weight for maximum payload, maximum reliability, and ease of assembly and service.

Alan Hicks

Plant Manager
  • Maximizing production, facility standards, and quality.

Allison Hicks Burns

Marketing & Business Development
  • Driving Hicks visibility and growth, networking, innovative advertising, and business standards.

Tony Lockey

Production Superintendent
  • Optimizing and maintaining safety, quality, and production efficiency.

Scott Landry

Operations Support Manager

  • Leading our commitment to exceptional customer support, plant safety, and human resources for a supportive workplace culture.

Jim Langland

National Sales Manager

  • Spearheading sales strategies and initiatives across the country, driving growth, building strong relationships with our dealers and customers, and ensuring customer satisfaction.